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MJK Services is driven to become one of the top landscape design and construction companies in the state by providing reliable, high end services to our customers.

Garden bed design and installation

MJK Services designs stunning garden beds.

A well designed and installed garden bed is excellent addition to any landscape. Before our design process starts we meet with you to get your ideas and suggestions. We work directly with you to pick out the best materials, plants, flowers and shrubbery to include in your garden.

  • An initial consultation where we go over garden placement, plant and material selection & any other ideas you have.
  • We begin our design phase which includes: garden design planning, creating your layout and reviewing our design with you.
  • When it comes time for installation, we are there with our professional installation team to get the job done on time!

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Garden bed maintenance

MJK Services takes the guess work out of maintaining your garden beds.

We understand that not everyone has time to keep their garden bed in perfect condition. Even if you have a busy schedule, it shouldn't stop you from enjoying the beauty of nature at home. With garden bed maintenance you can eliminate stress and busy work you don't have time to do.

  • We will setup a weekly, monthly or semi-monthly plan that fits your schedule.
  • From pruning and edging, to mulching and weed control we have you covered.
  • Our gardeners make sure to respect your property and leave it cleaner and better looking than before!

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Custom masonry and hardscapes

MJK is a professional provider of various masonry and hardscape services.

From natural stone walls to pavers and patios we have the experience and design mastery to create your dream backyard. Let our masons add a new level of sophistication to your home. From initial design concept, to finished product, we are there every step of the way.

  • Stone, masonry, tile or concrete work.
  • Retaining walls, patios, walkways, paths, steps, fences, decks and so much more!
  • Hard elements help improve your outdoor living space and bring balance to your home and garden .

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Landscape Lighting

Light up the night with professionally installed landscape lighting.

With landscape lighting, your home and yard will beautifully transition from daytime right into dusk, highlighting your homes best features while lighting up the surrounding landscape. Landscape lighting is an art form that brings out a friendly and artistic feel to your home.

  • A walk-through of your property to discuss your landscape lighting system and what you want to achieve.
  • From simple landscape lighting, to pool or patio lighting our professional installation team has you covered.
  • Maintenance contracts for voltage readings, cleaning, relocations, pruning and repair and replacements.

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Drainage and water control

Drainage systems prevent ground water from gathering and destroying your plants, garden and home.

You may not have given much thought to how your property collects and stores water, but every now and then when a major storm pops up you may have noticed water gathering in certain spots in your yard. This excess water may lead to plant diseases and eventual plant death. A well designed drainage system is a perfect solution to protect your investment.

  • Focus water away from key areas to protect your home and plant life.
  • Prevent water buildup, mosquito infestation, foundation settling, soil instability, sinking concrete, basement moisture, mold and mildew growth.
  • Every home is unique. Call us to discuss your options.

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Seed and sod installation

Be the envy of the neighborhood with a lush green lawn from MJK Services!

Looking to get that "new lawn" look? We will help you determine the best options for your landscape. Be it a complete sod project or a simple seeding, we will have your lawn looking perfect in no time! After your project is complete, we provide you with support and instructions to maintain your new, beautiful lawn.

  • Aeration, grading, seeding, fertilization and soil testing.
  • Sod can help conserve water and prevent soil erosion.
  • Every lawn is unique. Call us to discuss your options.

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